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The construction company "AtomStroyRezerv" (ASR Corp.) is engaged in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings, landscaping and reconstruction.

We were given the task of developing an image product with which the company will motivate its employees on all construction sites and in offices. The magazine with detailed text and design is made up of several blocks that tell about the history, corporate events, implemented projects, the specifics of the company's activities and various spheres of life of its employees. All content is made in the same style, but in different colors and graphics. On the one hand, it gives a holistic view of the layout, and on the other hand, it makes it more convenient and fun to read. We also placed QR codes on the pages, thanks to the presence of a convenient opportunity to get acquainted with the life of the company not only through photographs, but also with videos.


In the process of developing a number of hypotheses while working on the project, a strategic decision was made, which is to design the magazine as an advertising tool for partners.

team and services

Project Manager: Marv Abuoudeh
Art Direction: Anton Golev
Design: Vika Shvilia, Murad Batie
Rendering: Leo Tverdo

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