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Several hundred years ago, the Batashevsky Garden was created by people’s efforts for relaxing with a family in the shade of trees near the picturesque bank of the river accompanied by birdsong. Centuries later, the Vladar construction company proposed a modern development of a unique man-made park and soon completed the second phase of the Batashevsky Garden 2 economy-class residential complex.

The project retains the philosophy of its creator and complements it, satisfying the current needs of completely different types of city dwellers in one location.


It was that kind of a rare project that did not have to be worked on from scratch. There was already a color palette, complex branding elements, illustrations and photographs of the construction process. We have finalized the identity in accordance with the client's tasks.

The target audience consists of non-family students, young couples with children, and the elderly. When creating the project, it was necessary to convey to the buyers the idea that with such a relatively low cost, they receive not just a modern apartment in a new residential complex with a park area, but a whole philosophy steeped in history.


We used a minimalistic layout with emphasis on the functional and aesthetic features of "Batashevsky Garden 2". We have completed the presentation of the company's ideology - "Climbing up". They showed an increase in the level of comfort and quality of life, creating the appearance of housing simple and bright, of high quality and interesting.

The developed renders completed the associative look and emphasized the completeness of the content of all objects.

team and services

Project Manager: Marv Abuoudeh
Art Direction: Anton Golev
Design: Vika Shvilia, Murad Batie
Rendering: Leo Tverdo

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