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Mealjoy is a company that produces goods of the same brand name and delivers food in cups that are always at hand.

For each type of product, we have created a corresponding color coding. The recipes use fresh fruits, vegetables, and superfood. Thus, very juicy realistic images of the ingredients and a bright palette were used. In this stylistic solution, we broadcast an intuitive image to the people that lead an active life. We have made a unique display of calorie content and nutritional value in the form of a simple and vivid infographic presentation. The content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates was visualized to evoke an understanding of their relative ratio in the product.


Today's pace of life forces us to choose convenient, healthy, simple and quick-to-prepare food. The aim of the design was to make the product stand out in the store windows and attract attention at first glance, thereby speeding up the process in which customers select their meals, saving them time.

team and services

Project Manager: Marv Abuoudeh
Art Direction: Anton Golev
Design: Vika Shvilia, Murad Batie
Rendering: Leo Tverdo

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