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It didn’t matter that the client is quite attentive to details or that he contacted two other studios before coming to us, with which they did not bring the project to the final. Therefore, we decided not to use the experience and developments of the previous studios, having approved only one of the logo versions. We conducted a large-scale study of the client's business segment, as well as the interests of his target audience, and proposed a fundamentally new solution.


In the process of creating the concept of identity, we adhered to the idea of ​​layering and texture. We have collected complex gradients of the three primary colors of the brand and have abandoned the traditional use of the pattern in favor of a combination of colors. We used a different fill, worked with shades of each color and got not three, but fifteen colors. Their combination formed the pattern.

All layouts are airy and contain a lot of free space. This helps to convey the comfort and ease with which sleep and relaxation are associated. ”With photographs, we decided to convey not images, but feelings. Therefore, the photographic image contains fragmentary and enlarged frames.

Our proposed solution allowed Sonum to stand out and outstrip the competition.Working with this client is a nice example of, when, without waiting for the final version of the guideline, the company is already starting to implement a new corporate identity in its work.

team and services

Producer: Leonid Bondarenko
Head of PM: Asya Iljushechkina
Project Manager: Karina Mansurova, Natalia Kolchina
Art Direction: Elisey Soloviev
Design: Ivan Mukhortov
Motion Design: Anton Maydurov
Illustration: Vladislava Dolzhenko
Webflow development: Artem Kuznetsov, Nikita Zinevich, Stanislav Vegasov

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